Album Review: Sacred Reich – Awakening (Metal Blade Records)

Sacred Reich

By: Jesse Striewski

It’s no small feat for any band to release an album of above average material after more than two decades out of the recording game. But alas, that’s exactly what thrash metal veterans Sacred Reich have managed to pull off on their first full-length effort in 23 years.

I honestly wasn’t expecting too much upon first introduction to the album via it’s somewhat mediocre title track. But fortunately it actually gets better from there, and even exceeds expectations. “Divide & Conquer,” “Salvation,” “Killing Machine,” and “Manifest Reality” are just a few of the numbers that stand out above the rest (and check out the surreal video for the latter if you have the chance as well).

Sacred Reich may not have achieved the same heights as some of their contemporaries, but after just one listen to Awakening, there’s no doubt the band deserves just as much recognition as any of ’em.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

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