Album Review: Off With Their Heads – Be Good (Epitaph Records)

Off with their Heads

By: Jesse Striewski

For well over a decade now, Off With Their Heads have consistently been creating quaint yet brilliant melodic punk music that always strike a chord and tug on every emotion possible. On their fifth full length release, Ryan Young and company have managed to out do themselves once again.

There’s little to no filler tracks to be found on Be Good, and it’s difficult to pinpoint what songs are truly the best of the bunch, but “Locking Eyes,” “Take Me Away,” “Tear Me Apart,” and “You Will Die” are some of the best damn songs I’ve heard in quite some time. Videos for “Disappear” and “No Love” were also made, and are the typical type of escapist genus to be expected from these guys. At no point on Be Good is there any mention of politics or hate-fueled dialogue, just pure emotion captured in a song, the way it’s meant to be.

It’s rare to capture the same feeling I had from the first time I ever listened to a Replacements record, but that’s exactly what I get when I hear bands like Off With Their Heads or even The Menzingers, who are also in their own little separate category of awesomeness. I can’t stress how much I absolutely love this band, and what a huge disservice you’re doing to yourself if you haven’t already given them a chance.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

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