Album Review: Sum 41 – Order in Decline (Hopeless Records)

sum 41

By: Jesse Striewski

Pop punks Sum 41 have definitely matured since their early days of “Fat Lip.” On their seventh full length release, the band takes a slight turn for the darker side, which features just as much influence from various metal and crossover genres than it does their straight punk roots.

Politically-fused tracks like “The People Vs…” and “45 (A Matter of Time)” are catchy enough, yet are both predictable and unfortunate (anything that potentially helps fuel the fire for morons in masks who incite violence – regardless of what side they’re on – is pretty irresponsible in today’s already dumbed-down climate). Numbers such as “The New Sensation,” “Out For Blood,” “Turning Away,” “A Death in the Family, and “Heads Will Roll” are far more straight forward and interesting.

There’s even a couple somber moments in the form of “Never There” and “Catching Fire,” both of which effectively strike personal cords and display the band’s more mature side. All in all, a solid effort from a usually solid band.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

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