Album Review: The End Machine – Self-Titled (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)


By: Jesse Striewski

This first effort from rock “supergroup” The End Machine sounds as though it came straight from the same era as the members that make up the band. Current Warrant/ex-Lynch Mob singer Robert Mason fronts the group, while ex-Dokken members George Lynch and Jeff Pilson team up with former bandmate Mick Brown (the only of the 3 still actually in Dokken at the moment) to round out the band. But before you start thinking this is just Dokken without Don at the mic, few of the tracks found here resemble anything that might’ve been recorded with that band…which isn’t always necessarily a good thing.

There’s a few tracks that actually spark some interest; “No Game,” “Ride It,” and “Sleeping Voices” aren’t band at all. And Lynch’s guitar work is on point as always. But overall the majority of the album is just “eh” at best, causing for an uneven listening experience (though I imagine many of these songs would sound way better live). Not a bad effort, but definitely not the best work from any of it’s talented members.

Rating: 2.5 Stars




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