Album Review: Queensryche – The Verdict (Century Media)


By: Jesse Striewski

If you’re one of those fans who simply can’t get over the fact that Queensryche – like many bands before them – have moved on without their original singer, you’re truly missing out. This is the band’s third effort already with vocalist Todd La Torre (who also provides the drum parts here), and the band is maturing far more graciously than they ever could had with their former, seemingly unstable lead singer Geoff Tate still fronting it.

The Verdict finds Queensryche truly hitting their stride with La Torre. Highlights include “Man the Machine,” “Light-years,” and “Dark Revere,” all effective live tracks on the band’s current tour. Even if you’re not a huge Queensryche fan, you should be able to find something worth appreciating here. If nothing else, it’s light years (pun intended) ahead of Tate’s recent, not-so-successful effort at keeping his own version of the band going via Operation: Mindcrime.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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