Album Review: Caivano – Self-Titled (Self Released)

By: Jesse Striewski

Longtime Monster Magnet guitarist Phil Caivano recently released his first solo album, and it’s a mini masterpiece in its own right of gritty, spaced-out hard rock that’s impossible for fans of Caivano’s long-standing band not to fall in love with.

The opening track “Come and Get Me” says it all, and invites listeners to take this wild trip with him. From then on, numbers like “Now is Forever,” “Talk to the Dead,” “Fun & Games,” and “Face the Music” highlight the rest of the ensuing madness.

There’s definitely no shortage of musical influences that can be spotted throughout here either. From the likes of Black Sabbath to the Ramones, to even Pentagram and of course the obvious, Monster Magnet, there’s plenty of fast, doom-y riffs to keep fans of almost any of the above-mentioned bands pacified. So if you’re clamouring for some new rock music, consider giving Caivano a try over say, the latest Godsmack album.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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