Album Review: Therapy? – Hard Cold Fire (Marshall Records)

By: Jesse Striewski

One of the hardest questions I’m often asked is who my “favorite” band actually is, and when it does come about, the rolodex in my mind typically tends to stop on Therapy? (I’m sure this is probably not the first time I’ve made such bold statements about them in print before, either).

Having to wait five years in between albums was completely worth it the minute “They Shoot the Terrible Master” kicked in, and it was abundantly clear this was old-school, punk-inspired Therapy? Sure there might be a throwaway track or two (see “Mongrel” or “Two Wounded Animals”), but the tracks that work here, really work.

Numbers like “Woe,” “Joy,” and “Poundland of Hope and Glory” are all catchy enough, and songs like “Ugly,” “Days Kollaps,” and, perhaps my favorite of the bunch, “Bewildered Herd,” already feel like “classic” Therapy? to me despite being completely new. To still be composing music this damn good all these years in is a testament to what an absolute brilliant band Threapy? are.

Do yourself a favor and give Cold Hard Fire a listen instead of selling yourself short with something like say, the new Godsmack album; I promise you it’s absolutely worth it.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

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