Album Review: Huey Lewis and The News – Weather (New Hulex/BMG)

Huey Lewis

By: Jesse Striewski

Admittedly I’m a little late reviewing this one (about three months, give or take), but considering it’s been 10 years since the last time Huey Lewis and The News actually released an album (2010’s covers album Soulsville), and even longer since their last album of original material (you have to go back to 2001 for that), I figured I’d make an exception here.

Weather breezes by rather quickly (it’s a brief seven tracks), but it contains all the usual trademarks found on a Huey Lewis and The News record.  “While We’re Young,” “Her Love is Killing Me,” and “Remind Me Why I Love You Again” all echo back to simpler times. And even if there’s not much public demand for new music from these guys in our current, instant gratification/image obsessed society, the tracks here are still worthy of putting alongside anything else in the band’s lengthy catalogue.

While I was still very much just a kid during the band’s peak in the mid-1980’s, I can vividly remember their albums (alongside a host of other popular acts at the time) being present and playing at many of my parent’s neighborhood block parties back then, and of course I knew them (as many other kids my age did at the time as) as the band from Back to the Future. I’ve since grown to appreciate their music (and many others from their era) even more since those days, even going to see the band in concert with my wife back in 2014. There’s just something about the ’80s that remains enduring to this day, and even if Huey Lewis and The News aren’t quite as respected as they once, I’m glad they’re still active in some capacity in 2020.

Rating: 3/5 Stars

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