Album Review: August Burns Red – Guardians (Fearless Records)

August Burns Red - Edited (1)

By: Jesse Striewski

Believe it or not, I sometimes forget just how much I absolutely love metalcore until something comes around to remind me of the fact. Last year it was Killswitch Engage’s Atonement that did the job; this year it’s August Burns Red that are putting the genre back to the forefront of my radar with their ninth studio album.

Intricate guitar work, epic breakdowns, and a healthy balance of clean/screaming vocals are abound throughout. Tracks such as “Paramount,” “The Narrative,” and “Empty Heaven” (my personal favorite) are as crushing as ever, while singles like “Bones” and “Defender” are sure to be mainstays in the band’s set lists for years to come. There’s simply no reason not to check this out if this type of metal has ever been a source of motivation for you.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

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