Album Review: Crazy Lixx – Forever Wild (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)

Crazy Lixx

By: Jesse Striewski

I was just getting warmed up to these Swedish rockers when I reviewed their previous effort, 2017’s Ruff Justice. Now on their sixth full-length album, the band takes things to a higher level (quite literally).

“Wicked” kicks the album off with a promising start, leading way to more over-the-top anthems like “Breakout,” “(She’s Wearing) Yesterday’s Face,” and the epic “Never Die (Forever Wild).” Every track feels empowering in a positive way, and as though they could be inserted flawlessly in to just about any ’80s montage (see their latest, Top Gun-inspired video for “Silent Thunder”).

Crazy Lixx may have started out as a guilty pleasure for me, but now they’re pretty much everything I look for in a rock band these days. Sure their style may still invoke the party animal in the best of us; but what sets them apart from other bands in their field is the ability to not rely on raunchy themes or lyrics simply for shock value; I’ll take a band like them over the likes of Steel Panther any day.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars


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