Album Review: Jetboy – Born to Fly (Frontiers Music Srl)


By: Jesse Striewski

Remember Jetboy, that promising hard rock band who had several tracks from their 1988 debut album “Feel the Shake” featured in such classic ’80s flicks as The ‘Burbs and She’s Out of Control? Well believe it or not they’re back, and the results are definitely far from perfect, though somewhat admirable.

Along the way, there’s a few inspired moments found on this latest release  (“Everytime I Go” and “The Way That You Move Me” both come to mind). But the majority of what’s left comes off as a band trying to recapture what once was there (the track “Inspiration From Desperation” seems to say it all). If only these guys hadn’t dropped off the face of the Earth for some time, who knows what they might have achieved?

Rating: 2.5 Stars

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