Album Review: Ice Nine Kills – The Silver Scream (Fearless)

Ice Nine Kills

By: Jesse Striewski

This latest offering from rising metalcore giants Ice Nine Kills (their fifth overall) finds the band following many a Hollywood slasher flick (hence the title), and just in time for Halloween. Initially it seems like an interesting concept; write a song about everyone’s favorite horror films (even cult favorites like Silent Night, Deadly Night get touched upon), but unfortunately, things do get rather cheesy along the way.

Songs about The Crow and It are forgettable at best. But the real highlights are the coinciding music videos (sans the mediocre acting, anyway) of tracks like “The American Nightmare” (A Nightmare on Elm Street), “Thank God It’s Friday” (Friday the 13th), and “Stabbing in the Dark” (Halloween), which all loosely follow the storylines of their respective films, filled with mild gore and scantly-clad females the way any good ’80s slasher film should be. If brutal breakdowns layered on top of lyrics about your favorite fright flicks is your thing, than this album’s for you. The rest may grow bored quickly.

Rating: 2.5 Stars

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