Album Review: Cauldron – New Gods (The End Records)

Cauldron Cover

By: Jesse Striewski

Since Cauldron first landed on the scene with their debut EP in 2007, they’ve etched their own rightful place in Canadian metal history. Now on their fifth album, the band seems to have reached a new level of sophistication, and truly hit their stride.

“Prisoner of the Past” opens the album with just the right amount of intensity, while soon-to-be staples such as “Letting Go,” “No Longer,” and my personal favorite, “Together as None,” keep things flowing perfectly. This is exactly the way good metal is meant to be played and sound…not that poor excuse for modern metal found on the mainstream stations these days (sorry to all those Theory of a Deadman fans out there, but you’re sadly missing out).

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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