Album Review: Ghost – Prequelle (Loma Vista)

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By: Jesse Striewski

You can almost hear the ignorant metalheads  with their cavemen-like mentalities screaming “sellouts” towards the latest release from Ghost now that the band has achieved some mainstream success. But those with an actual open mind should be able to find something worthwhile here.

Whether it’s the catchy, straight-forward metal riffs of lead off single “Rats,” (complete with thought-provoking lyrics regarding the mob mentality society of followers the world has turned in to, as well as a hypnotizing  video that echos the likes of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”),  instrumentals such as “Miasma” that sound straight from a NES game, or ’80s new wave-inspired numbers like “Witch Image” and the brilliant “Dance Macabre,” the album is fairly spot on.

Overall Prequelle may not be perfect, but for the most part the band is definitely heading in the right direction.

Rating: 3/5 Stars

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