Album Review: Suicidal Tendencies: Get Your Fight On! (Suicidal Records)

ST CoverAfter several years in a bit of a lull, Suicidal Tendencies came back surprisingly strong with the release of 2016’s World Gone Mad album. The band continue down the right path here with their latest EP.

Along the way there’s a cover of a Stooges classic in the form of “I Got a Right,” as well as two Cyco Miko (lead vocalist Mike Muir’s side/solo project) tracks (including the epic “Ain’t Mess’n Around,” hands down the strongest number here). Though Muir’s voice has noticeably changed some, the band still brings crossover thrash like no one else does. The addition of Dave Lombardo on drums has sparked some new life back into Suicidal Tendencies, and fans should rejoice to have them close to top form again.

Rating: 3 Stars

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