Album Review: The Problem Addicts -Derailed (Self-Released)

Derailed Cover Art

By: Jesse Striewski

Every small town has that go-to band that provides the soundtrack for nearly their entire local scene. Deltona, FL’s The Problem Addicts are without a doubt quickly becoming that band in their own hometown area.

On their second self-released effort, the band ups their own game with six new songs that deliver with a punch.  Tracks like “Lack of Trying,” “Working Class Clowns,” and “One Trick Pony” sum up the band’s Descendants-style of punk nicely. The cartoon-ish cover art might border a tad on the disproportionate side, but the music found here sure isn’t. The disc also serves as a fitting introduction for anyone interested in getting to know the band before catching them live.

Rating: 3/5 Stars

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