Album Review: Dethklok – Deathalbum IV (WaterTower Music)

By: Jesse Striewski

There was a certain excitement when I first learned that Dethklok – the fictional metal band from Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse series – were returning for a new album, and full length feature, simultaneously.

The second “Gardener of Vengeance” started to kick in, I immediately started getting late-2000’s vibes all over again (a.k.a. my single dad days). Other tracks like “Aortic Desecration,” Mutilation on a Saturday Night,” and “Murmaider III” are all destined to be eaten up by fans of the show, and said new film, Army of the Doomstar.

Mastermind Brendon Small is still pulling the strings behind the scenes on the project (with drummer extraordinaire Gene Hoglan still adding the backbeat), and what they’ve achieved is nothing short of epic. Raise the horns, my rock brethren, and behold the mighty Dethklok are back with a vengeance!

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars