Daytona Beach Set to Lose Another Retail Icon in Sears By Jesse Striewski/Photo By Brooke Striewski

7sm_6455editLast Friday, Sears Holding Company announced the closing of another 80 Sears and Kmart stores nationwide. Among those to close this upcoming March is the Daytona store at the Volusia Mall. It’s easy to see why many of these stores are closing though, after feeling as though stepping back in time from just one visit.

Originally opened in 1975, the store itself shows noticeable signs of aging. Outdated floor and wall patterns, as well as dingy restrooms are just the tip of the iceberg. The store shelves often are wobbly, and at times scattered and/or even empty. There’s also a defunct photo studio, now used as a storage space that’s blocked off by a black curtain. Just one lap around the entire store and it was easy to see why this location was put on the chopping block.

Local shopper Jason Potter lent his thoughts on the the Daytona location closing it’s doors; “I used to shop at the Deland location before they closed that one. Now they’re going to close this store and there won’t be any left in the area. It’s sad.”

Still, even with the dim circumstances and knowledge of imminent death, the store associates themselves all seemed very much humble. And there is still hope that Sears chairman Eddie Lampert might actually be able to keep the Sears brand from dying off completely with his recent bid to save the company. Only time will tell if this once giant retail chain will stand the test of time.

-Jesse Striewski/Photo Credit: Brooke Striewski

A Tribute to Motorhead Guitarist “Fast” Eddie Clarke

Fast Eddie

Earlier this month, the metal world lost the sole remaining member of Motorhead’s ‘classic’ late ’70s lineup, which also consisted of founding Vocalist/Bassist Lemmy Kilmister, and drummer  Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor, who both passed in 2015. Clarke joined his fallen brothers this past January 10 after complications from phenomena.

Clarke was born in Middlesex, England on October 5, 1950, and began playing guitar in his early teens. After experiencing limited success playing with several local acts, he joined the already-established Motorhead in 1976.  He wrote and recorded with the band beginning with their self-titled 1977 debut album, up to 1982’s Iron Fist. Over the course of his six years in the band, he helped pen some of their most signature tracks,  including “Motorhead,” “Overkill,” “Bomber,” and “Ace of Spades.”

After his departure from Motorhead, he formed Fastway in 1982. Perhaps best remembered for recording the soundtrack to the 1986 horror film Trick or Treat, Clarke kept Fastway going through various lineup changes into the early ’90s, resurrecting it on-and-off over the years and releasing their seventh (and most recent) album, Eat Dog Eat, in 2011.

Though he may be gone, the spirit of Eddie Clarke will continue to live on each and every time the guitar intro for “Ace of Spades” kicks off. Clarke managed to leave an imprint that many of us can only dream of in his sixty-seven years on this Earth, and his legacy will not be forgotten any time soon.