Film Review: Belushi (Showtime Networks/Passion Pictures)

By: Jesse Striewski

This endearing film profiling the life and career of beloved late comedian/actor/musician John Belushi is as much a heartfelt tribute as it is an insightful documentary on the late creative genius. From his rise with Second City and National Lampoon in his pre-SNL/film days, to his grim early demise, every detail is handled with the utmost care.

Using archival footage, interviews with former friends and colleagues, and even a touch of animation to convey things along, it’s a completely fresh new way to tell the story of a man we often forget all too easily. John’s brother Jim, former wife Judith Belushi-Pisano, and numerous other celebrities including everyone from Chevy Chase to Dan Aykroyd, reflect on Belushi’s life and eventual death.

It’s nearly impossible to make it through Belushi without a flood of memories and emotions pouring in. If there’s any “complaint” to be found here, it’s perhaps the omitting of some details, and the abruptness of it’s ending. Putting these minor pet peeves aside, it’s nearly a flawless ride, that even the slightest Belushi fans should appreciate.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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