Book Review: Playing Back the 80s – A Decade of Unstoppable Hits By Jim Beviglia (Rowan & Littlefield)

80s Book

By Jesse Striewski

If ever there was an appropriate book for Rewind It Magazine, Jim Beviglia’s Playing Back the 80s has got to be it. Throughout the book, Beviglia chronicles his personal favorite songs of the decade, giving intriguing, often new insight on many classic songs.

Along the way, Beviglia interviews the numerous artists, songwriters, or producers who were behind the making of the music itself, and all lend their versions of just how the songs actually came together. There’s plenty of never-before-heard stories that any fan of 1980’s culture should find a decent amount of interest in.

Iconic numbers you would expect such as Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl,” Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger,” and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” are all analyzed appropriately. But there’s even several profiled tracks that aren’t necessarily your average go-to’s, such as “She’s a Beauty” by The Tubes, “Talking in Your Sleep” by The Romantics, and even Jan Hammer’s “Original Miami Vice Theme” (just to name a few), all of which contain their own unique stories.

Sure, there are some questionable choices as well; Glen Frey’s “You Belong to the City” would have likely made a far more interesting song to cover than “Smuggler’s Blues.” And several notable artists from the decade are omitted completely, including Billy Idol, Cyndi Lauper, Tears for Fears, and even Oingo Boingo. Still, there’s no doubt Beviglia’s effort here is a labor of love, and worth the trip down memory lane for just about anyone with an appreciation for ’80s music.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

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