Album Review: Overkill – The Wings of War (Nuclear Blast Records)


By: Jesse Striewski

Those good ‘ol boys from Jersey Overkill are back for another round of thrash metal anthems fit for blasting on your home stereo (or simply on your way “down the shore”). And while it’s no easy task for a band to keep it “fresh” nineteen albums into their career, the subject matter alone found on The Wings of War is worth giving it a listen at least.

At first, I honestly wasn’t too impressed by my initial introduction to the album (“Head of a Pin”); but after finally sitting down and giving things an honest listen, it started to slowly grow on me. And once I heard and saw the video for “Welcome to the Garden State,” it was officially all over from there. Aside from their homage to Jersey, there’s plenty of other hard-hitting numbers (“Where Few Dare to Walk,” “Last Man Standing”) that should get more than one head banging.

I’ve never claimed Overkill was my favorite band to ever emerge from New Jersey, but their epic new ode to my beloved home state helped bump them up a notch in my book for sure.

Rating: 3 Stars

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